Çise giyim has been preferred since 2009 by a number of extremely valuable world brands. The main reason is that it has investigative & innovative working principles and strong passion to make its clients happy. The main priority for Çise giyim is always to make its clients and partners happy and satisfy in terms of design value, product quality, price structure and quick response. For that reason, Çise giyim has successed to be a trustable partner for numerous global brands so far.

Çise Giyim has its own manufacturing plant in Düzce, which is two hour away from Istanbul. This plant is 10.000 sqm Çise Giyim took its reliable place in the sector in a short time with its production understanding that makes no compromise on quality. To be able to produce textiles according to the developments in the textile sector and simultaneously to remain competitive on global markets, Çise Giyim continuously realized investments and expanded to a vertically integrated textile company.

Çise Giyim has almost 400 employees and design department. Our designers follow up developments in textile industry both at home and abroad, participate in all sectorial fairs, set trend colors and prepare fashionable design.

Our monthly production capacity is 500,000 ready wear garment. We have the flexibility and infrastructure to increase our production capacity according to needs and demands. Along with our products, we also perform production for European and world brands.

Our quality-centered production policy includes reliable and effective service, in time production and delivery as well as high flexibility. Also our experience and trust we gained in exportation was reflected in our new production plans in a short time.